A tormented billionaire and his cleaning maid, stranded in his hotel. Can a snowstorm break the barriers that keep them apart?

Real-estate billionaire Will Campbell has his latest hotel up and running. Doesn't mean he'll stay a second longer than he has to - his past haunts him in the forests of Maine. He's rich enough not to have to deal with it. And his assistant can take care of the social obligations waiting for him.

Freshly out of college and out of money, Amy lands a housekeeping job at a brand-new luxury resort. The problem? Getting there before the forecast snowstorm hits Maine, cutting off all access to the remote hotel. If she leaves early, she can just make it. To be honest, a break from her overbearing family would be welcome.

When the storm blows Amy into Will's arms and strands them together in his otherwise empty hotel, they learn what it means to love. But when their families arrive to save the billionaire and his maid from the snow and each other, Will and Amy's love has to overcome fears and misconceptions before he can put a ring on her finger.

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Snowbound and lost in the wilderness, they can only survive if they let love into their lives.

Rachel is a beautiful desperado with a rusty truck, a difficult dad, and the fervent hope to someday get far away from her hard-knock life in town. She works at a billionaire ski resort in Maine, but when her boss takes a liking to her, her job is on the line.

Harris is a pilot on a quick stop-over and the worst kind of adventurer – a handsome visitor with an adrenaline addiction, a store of tantalizing stories about the dangers he faced, and no wish to commit ever again since his fiancee ditched him for crashing her expectations.

When a winter storm forces Rachel and Harris to save each other’s lives, they form ties strong enough to hold down a plane. But just because someone saved you doesn’t mean they love you – so what will Christmas bring this year?

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A billionaire and his fake-fiancée have the perfect deal—until love breaches the contract.

Paul needs a fiancee to inherit the family business. He needs her now. But things aren’t great: from what he can tell, his girlfriend just ditched him. Even his motorbike deserts him, leaving him stuck in the snow…

Nina is desperate for a job that keeps a roof over her daughter’s head. She’ll do whatever she has to do. As long as there’s no funny business involved because falling for the wrong guy once is more than enough.

When Paul asks his gorgeous rescuer to help him out, it seems like the perfect deal. He’s more than willing to make it worth her while. For Nina, it's a best-case-scenario: a few days of acting will save her house and pay the babysitter. Best of all, their agreement includes a no-funny-business clause...

Neither one expected love to come between them. Fooling others is easy— but can they fool themselves?

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